Registry Rules: 2018/2019

effective 1 September 2018

Section 1: Basic Registration

1.1     Application must be made on an official application for registration form furnished by ICBR
1.2     Completed applications must be legible.
1.3     Name of horse must not exceed 25 letters, including spaces and punctuation marks. Phonetically similar names will be considered the same. The only recognizable characters are the twenty-six letters of the alphabet (A-Z) plus period, hyphens, apostrophes, and ampersands. Quotations and numbers cannot be used. Profanity or obscene names will not be accepted.
1.4     Complete application must be returned with the proper fee.
1.5     If registering a foal out of a dam owned by someone else, a transfer of ownership will be required. A completed “Transfer of Ownership” form must accompany the application for registration, and fee remitted for both registration and transfer.
1.6     The “Breeder” is the owner of the mare at the time a foal is born.
1.7     All applications for registration become an important and permanent part of the records of the ICBR. Every care should be exercised in giving accurate data.

Section 2: Discounted Registrations

2.1     Applicants who are CBHSNA members in good standing: you are entitled to register for a reduced fee (including DNA testing) provided that the dam of said foal is recorded in said your name on the date of foal’s birth;
2.2     Individuals who are not CBHSNA members: you may pay a reduced registration fee (including DNA testing) PROVIDED the service/insemination of the dam is recorded on the appropriate “Annual Stallion Report,” on-file with ICBR.
2.3     For horses upon whom DNA analysis has already been run, DNA samples will be waived ONLY IF a legible copy of that previous DNA report is submitted to ICBR. It may be submitted by the Applicant, another registry, or any ISAG member lab.
2.4     Upon written request of the Applicant, ICBR may waive the DNA requirement for yelds, geldings, and spayed mares without existing or potential offspring. If there is any question in this regard, this waiver will not (and should not) be granted. Please see note after rule 4.4, below.

Section 3: Transfer of Ownership

3.1     The seller is responsible for providing the buyer with a properly completed Transfer of Ownership, properly dated and signed in the appropriate block, and the original Registration Certificate. Either the buyer or the seller may pay unrecorded back transfer fees, as well as the fee for recording ownership with the ICBR. The Transfer of Ownership must be signed by both the seller and the buyer or, in his absence, the buyer’s agent. The updated Registration Certificate will be mailed to the new owner.
3.2     The ICBR recognizes the following signatures on transfers of ownership:
          A.     Sole owner of record;
          B.     If jointly owned, e.g. “Mr. John Smith and Mrs. John Smith,” the signatures of all owners are required.
          C.     If jointly registered, e.g., “Mr. and/or Mrs. John Smith,” or “Mr. or Mrs. Smith,” then the signature of only one party is required.
3.3     A separate Transfer of Ownership must accompany an application for registration if a foal is being recorded in any name other than the owner of the mare at the time of foaling. A fee will be charged for this transfer.
3.4     Transfer without signature of recorded owner: Whenever the legal title for an ICBR-registered horse passes to another by reason of death of the recorded owner, by foreclosure of any lien, by court order, or otherwise by operation of law, the ICBR may transfer the registration of the horse to the new owner when presented with the following:
          A.     A certified copy of the order of a court of competent jurisdiction specifying the horse(s) to be transferred;
          B.     Payment of applicable transfer fees;

          C.     Any other requirements as may be defined by the ICBR in special situations; inquire of the Registrar in advance of paperwork submission.
3.5     Transferring mares which have been bred: If a mare had been served prior to sale, but had not yet foaled, enter the registered name and the registration number of the sire. Enter the date served and obtain signature of mare owner at time of service.
3.6     Auction sale: In the event a horse is sold through an auction, management of the auction should provide to the buyer a bill of sale or receipt indicating the name and address of both seller and buyer, identifying the horse(s) sold. The bill of sale or receipt should be signed by the seller or by the auction manager as agent for the Seller. If any of these requirements cannot be met, contact the Registrar immediately as time is of the essence!

3.7     Alterations: No person shall make any alterations of a completed Transfer of Ownership, nor in any manner deface, change or amend the provisions of it.
3.8     When the owner of any registered animal intentionally disposes of that animal without papers, the owner shall notify the ICBR of the fact and surrender the appropriate registration certificate to the ICBR for proper notation. If requested, the cancelled certificate will be returned to the recorded owner.

Section 4: DNA Requirement†

          Forms must be obtained from the ICBR, completed in full and returned with the appropriate fee. Complete instructions will be furnished with each application. All DNA information obtained will be permanently recorded with the ICBR and a copy provided to the owner of record.

          Although most persons prefer to have a veterinarian pull the hair for the DNA analysis, this is not required.
4.1     Stud owners and/or breeders seeking to produce registration-eligible stock are strongly encouraged to have their horses DNA on file. Doing so helps to insure their horses’ offspring are properly registered with the ICBR. Failure to do may result in the offspring only gaining Tier E (provisional) registration.
4.2     Unless waived at the request of the Applicant†, all horses must submit hair samples to facilitate microsatellite DNA analysis before a certificate of registration will be issued OR must submit a legible copy of a previous microsatellite DNA report.
4.3     Anyone requesting specific parentage DNA testing on a Tier E horse is required to send the original registration certificate to the ICBR before the supplemental testing will be requested, along with any additional testing fees required by the lab. If the horse still does not parentage verify, the certificate will be returned as-is to the owner of record. If the horse does parentage verify, a new certificate will be issued to the owner of record, correctly reflecting the pedigree and blood status.
4.4     DNA analysis information acquired from the laboratory in connection with an application for registration or otherwise submitted as required under the rules of the ICBR becomes property of the registry. The DNA accession # will be printed directly on the pedigree certificate for handy reference and a photocopy of the analysis will be provided only to the owner of record when the registration certificate is issued. Replacement copies of the analysis will only be provided upon written request from the owner of record.

†DNA may be waived for geldings or yelds/spayed mares without offspring, only upon written request. If there is any doubt regarding possible or potential existence of offspring, invest in the DNA testing! DNA samples WILL NOT be waived for geldings or spayed mares from whom semen, eggs or embryos have been collected and stored. Request to waive DNA analysis of qualified geldings or spayed mares must be requested in writing when the application for registration is submitted.

2018-2019 Fee Schedule

All fees shown in US dollars -- prices effective 1 September 2018

We accept personal checks and PayPal

Registration Options

          Basic Registration (includes DNA testing at Texas A&M University)                                                                                                                                          $70.00

          Rule 2.1 Registration: CBHSNA members in good standing* (DNA sample required)                                                                                                              $45.00

          Rule 2.2 Registration: available to non-CBHSNA members (DNA sample required)                                                                                                                 $60.00

          Rule 2.3 Registration: (DNA sample waived, but legible copy of previous DNA report required)                                                                                              $25.00

          Rule 2.4 Registration: (DNA Waived)                                                                                                                                                                                            $25.00

Other Filings/Fees

          Transfer of Ownership                                                                                                                                                                                                                      $5.00

          Annual Stallion Report                                                                                                                                                                                                                        N/C

          Replacement "hard copy:\" of DNA analysis                                                                                                                                                                                  $1.00

          Returned check fee                                                                                                                                                                                                                          $35.00


International Cleveland Bay Registry, LLC
P.O. Box 324
Jewett, Texas 75846-0324 USA

Recognizing horses of Cleveland Bay ancestry,
wherever they may be found

The International Cleveland Bay Registry, LLC (ICBR) seeks to provide Cleveland Bay owners and enthusiasts with DNA analysis identification and parentage verification along with pedigree research. All ICBR clients will be provided copies of DNA analysis on their horse or horses, so they may share or retain the information as they see fit.

Fees for services Basic Registration $70.00 USD Rule 2.2 Registration $60.00 USD Rule 2.4 Registration $25.00 USD Replacement "hard copy" of DNA report $1.00 USD