ICBR offers expanded client services beyond Registering your [known]  Cleveland Bay.  These services include: assistance in identifying purported Cleveland Bays, pedigree analysis to ascertain inbreeding coefficients for individual animals. Furthermore, ICBR is involved in a recurring, joint project with the Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America to ascertain the size, inbreeding, and mean kinship of the Cleveland Bay population in North America.  One need not be a client of ICBR or a member of CBHSNA to participate in this annual project.  Mating Recommendations Sheets are issued annually to assist breeders in locating the best options, genetically, for their breeding animals. 

ICBR is a member of The Livestock Conservancy (TLC) and the Endangered Equine Alliance.

The International Cleveland Bay Registry, LLC, referred to hereafter as 'ICBR,' is a blood-based tiered registry which utilizes DNA parentage testing.  The goal of the ICBR is to offer an alternative to owners of horses of Cleveland Bay ancestry to help insure their recognition as such.  The ICBR is open to any Cleveland Bay horse, pure- or part-bred, regardless of location.